Using a Drop Foot Brace

drop foot brace

Drop foot is a disorder that affects millions, and one that can be incredibly debilitating and frustrating for the sufferer. With this disorder, the patient is unable to lift their foot properly, making walking difficult, balance poor, and tripping and falling all the more likely.

There are a lot of supposed treatments out there at the moment, but the sad fact is that a lot of them don’t work.

However, using a drop foot brace is something that many sufferers have found to be incredibly beneficial. Here are some of the different types of braces available for treating drop foot.

Short Leg Brace – This particular type of drop foot brace is suitable for those who require a brace to wear on a daily basis. It is incredibly lightweight, and fits in the shoe perfectly so it is not noticeable at all. Although it is lightweight, it does allow the patient much more control over their foot.

Solid Ankle Brace – This type of drop foot brace is more of a heavy duty type. Although this will not appeal to everyone, it does offer the patient a lot more control over their foot, which is what some people would prefer. This type of brace is also useful for patients who have problems with their knees as well as drop foot, which is another thing that makes this type of brace one of the more popular types.

Posterior Leaf Brace – Another type of lightweight drop foot brace is the posterior leaf brace. This is designed to fit inside the vast majority of shoes, so it would be well suited to those who don’t want a brace that other people will notice. One of the things that make this particular type of brace so popular is the fact that they are usually custom made and actually moulded to the patient’s foot. This not only makes them less noticeable, but also far more comfortable for the patient.

There are plenty of other types of drop foot brace that are worth taking a look at as well. Although some drop foot sufferers are reluctant to wear braces like these, studies have shown that they are highly effective when it comes to allowing the patient to gain more control over their ankles and feet. A lot of drop foot sufferers find that they are very self-conscious about the way that they appear when they are walking in public.

However, this is something that can be easily treated by wearing a drop foot brace. The majority of the braces that are made these days are incredibly discreet. Most patients will find that their confidence levels soars after wearing a brace like this for a short amount of time. Drop foot is an incredibly common condition, and one that millions of people suffer with. However, there are treatment options available, you don’t have to suffer.


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